Creating a greener and more connected world through sustainable mobility solutions

Embrace the future of transportation with our fleet of electric vehicles and experience the power of cutting-edge infrastructure and AI-powered fleet management services

Leaders and believers like you made us India's largest

An offering that disrupts the market

An integrated service offering cheaper than diesel or CNG fleet

green commuting
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    Charging and energy network

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    Productivity and CRM applications

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    Trained and certified drivers

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    Integrated fleet management system

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    Data science and analytics

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    On-site team + central NOC

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    Assurance stack

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    EV fleet of cars and buses

Our pilots are a class apart

Mobility-as-a-Service driven by pioneering cutting-edge technology

charging infrastructure

Connected car

In-vehicle devices and technology to provide safety, security, and efficiency

Corporate Urban Mobility


Proprietary tools and algorithms that facilitate optimizations based on understanding urban mobility

green commuting

Fleet management system

FMS is mounted on robust technologies, ensuring smooth operations and security

carbon footprint

Charging and energy management

Cloud-based energy monitoring for efficient charge and discharge of power

Driving sustainable change in the mobility sector with impactful solutions

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