Good People, Great Place to Work: Passion, Purpose, Pride

Good People, Great Place to Work: Passion, Purpose, Pride

At the heart of our organization lies our people – a diverse and passionate team dedicated to driving innovation and sustainability in the electric mobility sector. It is our love for the purpose and passion towards it that make us go above and beyond.



Our Green Warriors: Champions of Change

Each team member brings unique skills, experiences, and perspectives. Over the past nine years, we’ve faced challenges together, growing with a collective spirit. These champions translate our vision into reality, ensuring sustainability isn’t just lip service. Everyone plays a vital role in shaping our success, and it’s their dedication that makes Lithium a truly great place to work. In the past 9 years, we have seen immense growth and have positively impacted both the environment and lives of people. This wouldn’t have been possible without our people and partners who trusted in us.






Here is how we have actively made an impact:





Our Differentiator: Collaborative, Respectful, and Empowering

What sets us apart is our culture of collaboration, respect, and empowerment. We foster an inclusive environment where every voice is heard, ideas are valued, and individuals are empowered to reach their full potential. Whether through mentorship programs, ongoing training opportunities, or flexible work arrangements, we are committed to supporting our employees every step of the way. Notably, 60% of our operations ground workforce started as drivers, showcasing our dedication to nurturing internal talent. As we celebrate our second consecutive Great Place to Work certification, we reflect on the incredible journey that brought us here. But this is just the beginning. Looking to the future, our commitment remains steadfast to our people, community, and cause. Together, we will continue pushing the boundaries of innovation, driving positive change, and creating a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come.





But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our team members have to say about being part of this extraordinary journey:



Sridhar H K
Cluster Manager, Bangalore |  A Green Warrior at Li Since 2015


From a Senior Executive in Operations, I advanced to Site Manager in 2016 and then Cluster Manager in 2023. A standout moment was in 2019 when I led the setup of operations in Hyderabad. Being entrusted with such a crucial role fills me with immense joy, highlighting the trust and confidence Lithium has in my abilities. It feels extremely rewarding to contribute to the expansion of a future forward company like Lithium.



                          Nithya Srinivasan
City Head, Bangalore |  A Green Warrior at Li Since 2023


In April 2023, I stepped into Lithium as Chief of Staff Operations, advancing to become City Head in Bangalore by June. The journey from overseeing daily operations to leading a male-dominated Ground Ops team has been transformative.The support that Lithium extends beyond professional growth; it’s about empowerment. As a woman in a male-dominated field, I’ve discovered encouragement and resources here to break barriers and champion women empowerment.




Karan Kher
PNL Head, Hyderabad & Gurgaon | A Green Warrior at Li Since 2021


I joined Lithium in 2021 as Sales General Manager, later becoming PNL Head for Hyderabad and Calcutta.  I took on the challenge of sorting out charging issues for an IT Park project. Despite hurdles, I led the way, making a real impact. During the tough times of Covid-19, we built the biggest charging setup in Hyderabad. Lithium is all about facing challenges, finding creative solutions, making it a fulfilling environment for professional growth.




HR Business Partner |  A Green Warrior at Li Since 2015


I’ve been a part of Lithium’s journey since day one, witnessing its remarkable journey. Joining as an HR executive in 2015, I’ve grown with the company, taking on leadership roles. Currently serving as the Head of HR for all divisions in India, managing 5000 drivers, Lithium has been more than a workplace—it’s a platform that recognizes and fosters talent. I’m proud to be part of a company that values its employees and has played a crucial role in shaping my career.




Manju Laxmi
Site Lead, Bangalore | A Green Warrior at Li Since 2023


In 2023, stepping into the role of site lead with a fleet of 120 vehicles, I recognized the need for a dedicated mechanic. To let me proceed with my idea, provide resources, and execute it in limited time, I am grateful to Lithium. I efficiently identified a solution by discovering a driver with dual skills—proficient in both driving and mechanics. In my short time, this support has empowered me to ensure the seamless operation of the vehicle fleet under my charge.




Grace Elizatbeth
Recruitment Scout |  A green Warrior at Li Since 2021


I’m Grace Elizabeth, a Recruitment Scout at Li since 2021. Being part of the Lithium family for over 3 years, I’ve witnessed firsthand how this organization provides growth opportunities to individuals with talent. It’s a place where dedication is recognized, and hard work is rewarded. Starting as a driver in 2021, I found a supportive environment that allowed me to climb to the supervisor level within just 10 months.